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  We could help you   improve your credit scores!

Don't settle for a low credit score. The sooner you get your credit repaired the sooner you will qualify for better rates.


Ask for a free consultation!

Ask for a FREE Consultation

How it Works


If you have not provided us with your information, one of our experts will securely gather all the information needed to pull a free credit history report (This is a soft inquiry, meaning it will not reflect on your credit report).


This will be a 15 minute call where we will review and go over your credit history. During this review our expert will point out all factors affecting your credit score . We will also guide you on the steps to making improvements. As well as answering all questions you might have.

3. Dispute Errors

Now that we know what is directly affecting your credit scores its time to get to work!
We do this by providing the credit bureaus and credit providers with information they request to correct any errors. 
This is a 2 step process, each taking up to 30 days.

4. See Results

While the timeframe for a complete and thorough credit repair process could take up to 70 days you will start seeing the results within the first 30 days of starting the process.

Learn how to improve your score?

Get your FREE online credit evaluation now
FREE credit history & summary
FREE negative item review
FREE credit improvement plan

More Info


Atlas Credit Solutions was established to assist individuals with restoring their credit and to offer a comprehensive analysis of the factors affecting a person’s credit score. ACS is a credit repair firm that consists of a group of experts who specialize in restoring credit scores and guiding our clients with strategies that will continue to assist them in the future. 


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